Compassion is the bridge between
what we know, and what we do.'

What we offer

One-to-one coaching sessions, 

Looking to make a change and need a challenging and compassionate thinking space? 

You will learn tools to increase your self-awareness, grow your confidence and explore your deeper life goals. 

Group Coaching 

Is it time you learned to love and listen to your Gut?

The Mindful Gut UK coaching programme is designed to support you to make sustained changes to enable improved gut health. This dedicated women’s wellness group creates a safe space for you to compassionately challenge yourself to make the lifestyle changes that will re-energise you and get your gut back on track!

Speaker or bespoke workshop event 

Cara is an experienced speaker, both in person and online. 

As part of The Mindful Gut Project Cara offers talks in schools, colleges and university settings to share the links between gut health and mental health. Cara also offers talks on Gut Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.  

Enquire below to book her for a virtual event or workshop.

The Mindful Gut UK 

Women’s Wellness coaching programme:

4th October 2021, new 6 online week programme:

Longing for simple clear information that will support you to make the changes? Ready to create your own personal road map through the perimenopause and menopause.

Our 6 week programme is designed to empower you to make those changes you’ve been thinking about.

We will look at mindset, re-establishing healthy routines  and the impact of food on the health of our gut bugs and our hormones.

The Mindful Gut mindset means each of our guts is unique. Yes you and your gut have a special relationship and we will help you to learn to love and listen to your gorgeous gut in a whole new way! 

You’re learn new and exciting information on the gut microbiome and how diet and lifestyle shape our gut bugs. You’ll get to choose the health goals you would like to focus on. We’ll be there to support you to get really clear on the changes you want to make, and pull back the veil on patterns of self-sabotage. We’ll equip you with your very own tool kit of coaching techniques that will free you of habits that no longer serves you. 

Need am accountability partner – we can offer that too!